Top 5 WordPress Security Vulnerabilities (shared)

iThemes Security (originally WP Better Security) is a great plugin that I frequently use to help monitor, secure and protect customers’ websites. (My other favourite is the WPMU plugin, Defender.)

iThemes also provides you with the opportunity to keep up to date with a newsletter. It informs you of the latest security issues or helpful hints to keep you safe on the internet.

And today is no different! They have prepared a simple infographic of WordPress Security Vulnerabilities with details on how to address each.

Click on the infographic below to go to the full article!

I think it’s a really helpful article. Although it is directed more towards people managing their own website; but you might find it reassuring to pass it on to your web administrator, to ask them have these areas been reviewed recently.

The points might seem a little obvious for some web-admins. But at the same time, it’s always good to go back to basics at times and check that the foundation of your systems and processes are solid.

Top 5 WordPress Security Vulnerabilities - iThemes Security

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