Self-Employed Women Undercharge Their Value

Freshbooks released a new report today (which takes their data from the United States) and discovered a startling wage gap between women and men in the self-employed sector.

I expected women would be on an equal playing field with men when they are self-employed and in control of preparing their own rates.

Is this indicating that women are undervaluing themselves, or could it be that men are overvaluing themselves? Maybe women are the competitive players! That’s certainly what I believed when I started Shavac Bawn Consultancy; I wanted to be competitive and to not isolate new customers. But if it is happening across all sectors within the USA, maybe this is just the narrative that I told myself. That women tell themselves.

Are you pricing yourself competitively for your service? But still taking into account the value of the skill set that you provide?

Our gender shouldn’t be a factor in preparing our price scale, what factors do you think are really causing this? Do you think Europe has a similar issue?

The European Employment Observatory Review from 2010 compares self-employed people as earning less than employed people. But they were noting that self-employed women frequently work in sectors that are lower paid than the sectors the self-employed men were working in – this report, however, compares men and women within each sectors.

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