My Choice of WordPress Plugin to Handle EU Cookie Law

Working with free plugins for WordPress has always been my aim. Once you stick with well-used plugins with good reviews, I’ve easily found the functionalities that I need.

They are kept up to date and the team working behind the development are generally eager to keep their plugin working well, so they are happy to receive feedback and work with you if there are any problems or augmentations needed.

But in the case of “Cookie Cuttr v2” I have found, for once, paying for a plugin has its benefits.

1. It does exactly what you need.

  • As you can see from the functionality of the plugin on this site, it gives a really simple “Accept/Reject” functionality.
  • It ensures it is giving visitors privacy until such time as they opt-in to allow you to gather info.
  • Once they opt-in the Google Analytics kicks in again automatically.

2. It is exactly what your visitor needs.

  • If the visitor wants to change their mind, they can easily reset the cookie settings.
  • And if a visitor doesn’t want to opt in or out, the cookies don’t activate until it’s been accepted.

3. It has a really simple administrative side.

  • It’s quick and easy to set up the plugin using the plugin’s administrative dashboard.

Navigating the GDPR requirements was difficult enough, so why not make your life easier if you can!

It costs $18.00* and so far I have been happy to pay for it (or recommend customers buy it) because the cost is offset by the convenience and straightforward functionality.

Maybe at this time, some other Cookie plugin offers the same simplicity and complete functionality; but while testing a number of plugins back in May, I couldn’t find ones that:
* Only activated Google Analytics once the visitor opted-in.
* Provided visitors with the opt-out functionality which ensures the cookies aren’t running.

Of course, a plugin that blocks cookies from running could cause part of your site to not work fully. But you will highlight this in your Policy page as a risk in not accepting your website cookies, so your visitor is making an informed decision.

I hope you find the Cookie Cuttr v2 plugin as useful as I have!

* the cost of plugin correct at time of publish of this article
* Shavac Bawn Consultancy has no affiliation with Cookie Cuttr v2 and does not receive any remuneration