WordPress White Screen (1)

During development, the WordPress white screen can be extremely frustrating – no explanation, no error message, no specific problem, just a completely blank screen!

One incident, which happened today, I felt warranted a post. Maybe this has happened you also? Let me know in the comments below!

So far, all I had edited within the theme was the style.css and the homepage-template.php. But the site was working today, and I was only working on the style.css.

So far so good.

Then suddenly the white screen appeared!

I checked to see that the WordPress admin area was still working, which it was, so I knew it was a theme related issue.

I double checked by activating the standard Twenty-Seventeen theme, and the website site came back up.

I changed it back to the customized theme, and reloaded the old style.css – still no difference.

So I deleted everything from the homepage-template.php and pasted it back in, line by line (or phrases by phrase in cases where there was a phrase).

By deleting the vast majority of the page, and only having the get_header(); code in, the site started to show again.

So line by line, phrase by phrase, I added all the lines back in. Every last one of them. No changes. No re-writing them out again. Literally copied and pasted from what was there before the crash. And the site was back up and running! No idea why or how! I’m not complaining, but definitely a little baffled!

Let me know in the comments below if website development has ever left you scratching your head like this!